16 October 2009

Hermeto I

I may have led y'all to believe that Ed Bradley and I were tight. Actually, at that performance he was sitting in the row in front of me two seats to the left. We did greet each other though while we were standing in front of our seats awaiting Hermeto. What a cool guy, Ed Bradley. God rest his soul, too.

As for Hermeto, he lives on, and he still gets naked now and again. . .with butterflies.

And he still plays the button accordion, here at an appearance with the great Sivuca, who follows him with Bach's Toccata in D minor on the big accordion. They look a little alike. Just remember that my man has the longer hair. There is nobody playing with Hermeto. That sound all comes out of his button accordion. Just wanted to save you from wondering.

It was his piano that got me first though. This is Asa Branca again with Sivuca on the accordion, one of the tunes you heard Elis Regina do. Old guys can get it on, too.

Embedding is disabled on the one where he plays his own beard, but I believe you can see it here.


Beej said...

I am speechless. Me. Speechless. Rare thing but I really don't know what to say, Steve. I never saw anyone playing a beard before. But he is great on the accordian.

And here I thought the guy who played a cigar box was unique.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I love those guys. I'm also fond of this particular video, which I've posted before at my old place.

How can anyone resist guys who can play the accordion that well AND look like garden gnomes as a bonus.

Señor Steve said...

Doggone it, mr.anchovy. I do not know how I missed that on your site. Obviously, I did. I surely should have suspected that you were up on these guys, though, and done a search first.