06 October 2009

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Oh, my goodness! As I have so often done in the past regarding other matters, I spoke just a little too soon on the subject of Arnold Schwarzenegger. All of the sudden, I do care what happens to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Candy Minx said...

Good news, I'd say! That action might actually help!

Ruth said...

I hung my head in shame when CA elected the Governator. Gack. But he's surprised me. He's made an effin' mess of things fiscal, sticking irrationally to "no new taxes," and even rolling back some others. But I give him credit for his efforts for things environmental. And now he's come down on the right side of health care.

not ready to start speaking Spanish full time yet

Señor Steve said...

Ruthie, I knew about his enlightened environmental stance but had forgotten it. Thank you for bringing that up. Now I do feel a bit badly about that early joking. Not badly enough to take it down though.