15 October 2009

Following Up on the Grocery Shopping

I am following up regarding some of the little various grocery establishments near my place as I promised in The Grocery Shopping entry. I have been turning to these as I have located them in lieu of walking to the open Mexican market or driving to the big open Mexican market or, God forbid, the Mega Store.

Back to little Abarottes San Antonio, my main gun grocery, for a moment. It is right next to the church, which means that it is just across the plaza from the gate to the tennis courts where I live.

These are interior shots of Abarottes San Antonio. As you can see, it is tight quarters in there, as it is in all these places. I always make sure that I have replenished my deodorant before going. He does have a tiny produce section, which can do in a pinch.

However, this is the little shop for produce. I do not know the name. It about four or five blocks at the most beyond the church, deeper in the neighborhood. The photos make these places look so much more spacious than they really are. That is Steve, or "Steve Uno" as folks now call him, with his cloth bag. I am "Steve Dos," having come here later. Or sometimes "Tio Steve." I carry around my cloth HyVee grocery bag from Iowa hoping that someday someone from Iowa will see it and yell, “Hey! Are you from Iowa?” Apparently, all the folks from Iowa get stuck in Texas, where they are thick in the winter.

So there is a start. Do not say that I do not follow up, even on a subject so mundane as this.

Again, today I saved money at Abarottes San Antonio using my mental grocery list. It's better than coupons. I neglected to pick up milk, my brand of which is kept behind the counter. It is too hot to go back there right now.

By the way, I do not think that I have ever put up a decent picture of Steve, even though I have mentioned him many times. Here he is, formerly from San Diego. Steve is a bit older than I. I specifically mention that because he continually confuses that issue, and I am starting to think that he is doing it on purpose. San Diego people are so vain.

I hope he sees this.


klmouton said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the pics, Steve.

Señor Steve said...

Mike! How kind!

I am gonna keep taking them in droves until I get the hang of this photography thing. It is so wonderful not to be burning up film, paying for development,and then groaning when I pick up the results of all that.

Señor Steve said...

I want everyone to know what I know. That first comment up there. . . .the deleted one. . . .see it? Apparently, Hlas did not realize that he was logged in under one of his sports columnist noms de plume, one that I would not recognize. He said the same thing in that one that he did in the next one.

That was not some new person who stopped by to tell me to go pound sand and then thought better of it because I might be tight with the narcos.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've trouble getting logged on here under this old nom de plume and that, so I finally just opened an AOL account so I could put down my own name.

When time allows, I'm going to watch and listen to the music you put up. For now, I'm enjoying the photos. I don't know what it is about grocery stores, but I love to go in them when in foreign countries or even different parts of the U.S. I even find foreign junk food interesting.

Señor Steve said...

I don't know what it is about 'em either, Mike, but I know what you mean.

A problem arises after I visit that produce store. When I get the stuff that I bought home and stored here in the camper, I have to sleep outside on the ground in the tent for a couple of nights. I must eat the fruits and vegetables down a little before there is space inside the camper for me again.