10 October 2009

Fútbol & More

Today México defeated El Salvador 4-1 putting them in World Cup competition next year. Frank and I watched the game at Manolo's. Cuauhtémoc Blanco scored the first two goals of the game for México. When the game seemed safely in hand late in the second half, he was removed, I presume to protect him from injury.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Frank needed to purchase a gift for Allyson for their anniversary. I feel safe in mentioning this here because Allyson is visiting friends, and I do not think she is checking this blog right now. On the walk back we decided to see if In Lak´esh was still open. In Lak´esh is a bazaar, café, and gallery operated by our friend Betty at Zacateros 54, Col. Centro, San Miguel de Allende. You will recall that I promised you a picture of Betty way back at the time of the Temazcal. Luckily, the shop was still open, and we are going to remedy that now.

Back on September 28 Frank and I and many people we knew attended the grand opening of In Lak´esh. Chris's art is for sale there in the form of greeting cards and prints. Many of Maga's work is on sale, and some of her really big pieces of sculpture are on display. So Frank and I have a fondness for the place.

Chris, Steve O'Connor, and Maria Teresa Valenzuela in the background outside the shop at the opening.

I highly recommend In Lak´esh to you for your gift needs and for yourself. I myself have a problem with it. Not a serious problem. But a problem.

In the picture above you see Maga on the far right with Betty immediately to her right. In other words Betty is second from the right. They were on the couch back in the café area of the shop this evening. I am ashamed to admit that I have failed to retain the names of the two ladies on the left. Needless to say, all four of them are thoroughgoing charmers. However, the one kneeling on the far left with the devil in her eyes is the one who vacuumed my pockets tonight while Frank shopped for the anniversary gift.

I ended up purchasing a beautiful candle for my camper. I know that at the time I was in this shop, I was certain that I needed a beautiful candle for my camper.

Now that I am back at the camper, I cannot for the life of me remember why I was certain that I needed a beautiful candle. That is the problem. It is beautiful though. I guess that is why I needed it, huh? Anyway, what I need from now on is to be more cautious about going into this place.

But, come to think of it, I guess you can never have too many candles.


John said...

American Futbol, 8-man variety: Central City seems to get involved in a lot of high-scoring games, this one unfortunately on the wrong end. Kee 60, CC 12. Sorry, buddy.
Snow here yesterday a.m. Ridiculous.

Señor Steve said...

I wonder where the hell Kee is? Never heard of it. And who invited that juggernaut to the party?

John said...

Sorry, the full name appears to be Eastern Allamakee Community Schools in Lansing, "Kee" for short. Also known for having won 10 state baseball championships. I mean, besboll.

Señor Steve said...

Thanks for that follow-up, John. That explains that. Eastern Allamakee is a ringer. My boys were hoodwinked into playing them.