05 October 2009

Escondido Thermal Pools

I have been in the Escondido Thermal Pools here twice. I have not mentioned them previously simply because there is no way I could describe them in writing. The experience of them is pleasant indeed, to put it mildly. The water is more than warm, let us say.

Unable to write an adequate description of them, I was also unwilling to take any kind of camera that I valued into the place. However, I stumbled upon this video. This guy did take his video camera into the pools, and the cute little gals conduct a very nice tour of the various pool areas, each one of which is quite different.

The video is not as long as it purports to be. A full two minutes is taken up with whimsical credits at the end.

At times the video conveys a somewhat claustrophobic feel. You do not really experience any sensation like that in the pools.

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