12 October 2009

Cobblestone II

It is 2:15 p.m. now, and the guys are finally almost totally in the shade.

They are not a friendly crew, and I will tell you something. I would not be either if I were doing that.


Anonymous said...

A couple years ago, I had an idea that I should make a stone path and patio in the back yard. So, I ordered up all the gravel and stone I needed for the job. When they delivered the stone, the manifest just said, "stone, 10,000 lbs". I didn't know much about this work going in. I had a book that showed smiling (and non-sweating) folks laying in that last stone. The job took me a week and was just plain nasty. If I ever get the idea to do that again, throw something at me, or shake me until I come to my senses. It looked great, but never again.

Anonymous said...

By the way, this is mister anchovy...for some reason, when I comment on your blog and I want to link to my new space instead of the old one, I can't use name and url. I can do that when I comment on some other blogs. In any case, 27th street is just me.

Señor Steve said...

I figured it out, mister anchovy. But thank you for the follow up.

Your story of the stone patio and path was a delight. God, how many projects like that have I talked myself into only to get a real education--the painful kind.

I am so happy to be only photographing this project.

Bloggerboy FFM said...

One of the biggest advantages (the only one?) of living in a condo: no yard work.