12 October 2009

Cobblestone & Birds

What an exciting Monday morning greeted me! You will recall my ongoing, childish fascination with cobblestone streets. There have been too many mentions of them here, ad nauseum in fact, to facilitate one link. Even the new additions on the edge of town feature cobblestone streets. Cobblestone is the reason that I cannot ride my road bike here, not to mention the fact that it would be suicidal out on the open highway. I have wanted to know how it is installed primarily and to see it installed.

Also, you will recall my mention of the fact that a pile of rock was trucked into Weber Tennis Courts back in July. At that time I knew that eventually I would see some cobblestone installed here. I was right.

I was awakened this morning by an end loader, or perhaps more properly a big backhoe, moving the rock over to the main entrance to the facility. There are two entrance gates. One is only used to allow new campers to pull in. The other is the main one where I drive in and out, on those rare occasions when I drive, and walk in and out. Señora Maria and Hans and Victor are installing cobblestone on that main drive.

I had also suspected that the installation process for cobblestone simply featured hard, back-breaking physical labor. I was right. The rocks are individually placed, and it appears as if fill will be put in around them, a fill of a nature that settles and hardens with the rain.

One of the three residential rental facilities over on that side.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I have not previously mentioned that México is a paradise for birders. I do not know what species this little guy is. He showed up yesterday. He is a brilliant red with a black mask. Perhaps someone can tell me. Ricki?

Many exotic-looking species show up in the trees here at the tennis courts. Hummingbirds are thick here, and I have never been able to avoid smiling when I see a hummingbird.


Beej said...

Oh what a beautiful bird! I didnt stop to think that of course you would get these gorgeous tropical delights dropping in. I m so jealous.

Señor Steve said...

The birds are stunning, Beej.

But just watch. Somebody will post a comment that this is just a common red thrush or something, native to Iowa. I was not paying much attention up there.

Beej said...

There is no way! I think that's some sort of parrot. I'm going bird watching on the net and see if i can find this fellow.

He is sooo gorgeous.