25 October 2009

The Beetle Series

As a token of my appreciation to Ruthie from California del Sur for forwarding to me a copy of her hopefully-soon-to-be-published poem, Elegy for My 1958 Volkswagen, I determined to put this up for her. I bumped into this one in the parking lot at El Charco del Ingenio:

I especially like the BMW tire rims. Adds a real touch of class, don't you think? I am sure the BMW's owner did not miss them.

So we have a mural series going here and now the Beetle Series. There have actually been two previous entries in the Beetle Series. You may have overlooked this little survivor:

He does merit Parking Space No. 1 up at the plaza. I can verify that he has a Virgin of Guadalupe decal in the rear window right where it belongs, too--obscuring the driver's vision through his rear view mirror:

My daughters and I used to play a game in the car on long road trips when they were very young. I cannot remember what we called that game. Anyway, the first to spot a new and different Beetle on the road or parked nearby got a point.

Kindly send along any digital portraits of Beetles that you may have and believe might merit inclusion in the Beetle Series. Attach them to an email addressed to my lawyer, Hugo, at hcb@burdtlaw.com. He will scan your emails and attachments for viruses and forward them along to me.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When everyone settles down, goes home, and stays there, this place can become downright civilized. No aerial bombs. No tractor trailers without mufflers down shifting while descending the big grade at the edge of town. The traffic is light on Calle San Antonio a block away. Even the dogs have shut up. I originally typed, "Even the gods have shut up." Them, too.

Just the crickets chirping. And me rustling around occasionally. Very cautiously. I do not want to set anything off.

It is a thoroughly peaceful, pleasantly warm and still Sunday evening in San Miguel de Allende right now.


Candy Minx said...

The driving game is commonly called "punch buggy". (no punch backs)


Four Dinners said...

Oh yes!!!! Beetles are classics - I'm not at all sure about the new designs mind. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

Lots of classic Beetle clubs in England - http://www.volkswest.co.uk/clubs.html

Seen a couple of very nice ones around here. I'll keep me camera handy

Beej said...

Candy, yes! My kids used to play that, too! The only real rule was, we never ever EVAH punch mommy. (for those who don't know, the way this goes is the first person to see a beetle says, "punch buggy, no punch back" and that person then punches the person of their choice. The kids used this as a way to snocker their sibling without getting sent to their room.)

I didn't know this was a universal game. I wonder where it started.

Señor Steve said...

You are quite right, Four Dinners. We need some photos of Bugs that are classically well kept, too. There are some here, and I shall also keep my eyes open. However, México is México, and such are rare specimens here.

Ladies, thank you. Actually, my daughters used a different name for the game. But it was a similar name. It started with "slug" instead of "punch." I will think of it eventually now.

Ruth said...

Thank you, Steve. I would contribute a photo of my actual 58 beetle if I could find one. In lieu of that I'll tell you that my kids played that spot-the-beetle game, too. They called it Beaver. I did not inform them of the other meaning of that word.

Four Dinners said...

saw one tonight. Camera is knackered...daughter has done some'at to it....as daughters do...new camera in a couple of days. Pics to follow...if I can find the bloody thing again

Señor Steve said...

A man of quick enthusiasms, and a man of his word. Four Dinners. A man after my own heart.

Four Dinners, I shall continue to post the occasional pic of the odd Mexican junker until your photographic equipment situation is remedied.

Be patient and methodical. We are rich with time here.