02 October 2009


I think those of us who lived through the year 1968 ought to occasionally, but only occasionally, reflect back on that year. It should not be forgotten quite yet. I do not need to recount the horrific events of that year in the United States and Europe.

México suffered its own tragedy in 1968 that is still a national trauma, The Night of Tlatelolco, the massacre of hundreds of students in México City by the army shortly before the Olympic Games there. Today is the anniversary of that event.


Candy Minx said...

I've heard of Munich and of course Atlanta,, but I had no idea such a murder happened in a Mexico Olympic hosting of the sport. Thanks for the video.

Um, here in case you didn't see this yet...


Señor Steve said...

A very sad thing, Candy. It was the Mexican "Kent State" except that instead of 4 students killed, there were hundreds killed. Nobody knows for sure how many.