27 September 2009

Short Story

Some light entertainment for a quiet Sabbath evening.

Here is a short story as told around a desert campfire last month by the irrepressible and now sadly long gone Fabien. It is 6½ minutes long.

The story concerns Fabien's time in the United States working with a couple of New Zealanders. It is at the light expense of some young American men. However, Fabien in his gracious way balances it nicely at the very end.

This video was uploaded as a kind of experiment. For the first time I did this using blogger's video tool rather than Vimeo or youtube. It was a slow upload, and the audio seems to be quite low. But what the heck. It seems to play.


Sheila said...

This made me laugh. Lovely story, well told and well ended Fabien, I probably wouldn't have been so gracious! Unfortunately, I think the story is all too true - present company expected, of course.

Beej said...

And he has a charming accent.

Señor Steve said...

I love the way he says "motel."