26 September 2009

Saint Michael Loves Aerial Bombs!

Comandante San Miguel Arcángel

I have had a complete change of heart about aerial bombs since shooting that video in the early morning hours of September 20.

Eric of 3 Senores informed me that coming up on the weekend of October 3rd and 4th is something called "La Alborada," fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel. Saint Michael the Archangel, the field commander of the army of God, is the patron saint of the city. Saint Michael's birthday is on September 29th. I did not know that archangels have birthdays. Maybe that is just his day. Anyway, they have a big party for him the following weekend. This will be a city fiesta, not a national fiesta like Independence Day. However, this apparently is the real blowout of the whole year here.

Eric further informed me in effect that San Miguel Arcángel is the saint who loves aerial bombs the most of all the saints. The biggest fireworks display will start at 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning and go on until dawn. There will be plenty of fireworks on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening, too. All of these sessions will feature aerial bombs, the ones during the day particularly because you cannot see the other stuff then.

Here is the kicker. I also have it from other reliable sources that a whole bunch of American expatriates have been raising hell with the city about these 4:00 a.m. fireworks over the last couple of years. That was all it took to turn me around. Those old goofs! I am all about early morning aerial bombs now. I really am. I am getting fired for this upcoming session in fact.

I think we are already warming up for this deal because aerial bombs are going off as I write this. That early morning session on September 20 may also have been a warmup for all I know. St. Michael is, after all, The Man in this town, to use a turn of phrase that results in an obvious absurdity.

All I needed was some warning of what is coming, and I have it now. Hell, I can rest up in advance and be ready to stay up all night. This time I will be up there in El Jardin cheering on the Mexican fireworks guys at 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

You know, it takes a lot of nerve to move to this city from another country and then start bitching about hallowed local customs. Assimilate! Assimilate, you dumb bastards! Americans are always bitching about Hispanic people's failure to assimilate in the United States. This is not just another Palm Springs.

Those expatriates who are complaining can go fuck themselves, as far as I am concerned. God, I hope the city fathers know how to say that in English because I will lay odds that those Americans who are complaining are the ones who have lived here for some years and still do not know a single word of Spanish.

San Miguel subduing an American expatriate.

As for me, I have done another tiny bit of assimilating now. I love the smell of aerial bombs in the morning. Smells like victory.

San Miguel after subduing all the American expatriates.

[ADDENDUM: Visitors, if you would like to see a video of the party as it actually went down, please click here.]


Beej said...

Oh my god, that's funny! I will never look at an aerial bomb again without thinking of the archangel Michael!

Bloggerboy FFM said...

"San Miguel subduing an American expatriate." You're killing me Senor Steve. (Damnation, how do you get a German keyboard to make one of those fancy curly thingies over the n?) I had the great luck to show my parents Madrid during the feast of San Isidro, the city's patron saint. I don't recall aerial bombs, but the atmosphere was simply magic. Pure magic.

Señor Steve said...

Bloggerboy, feel free to copy and paste that n tilde anytime you need it.

Robyn said...

I feel unbelievably happy that I have the same birthday as Saint Michael.

Señor Steve said...

Robyn, I feel unbelievably happy about that, too! I hope your birthday was a happy one. When I join everyone else here in celebrating San Miguel Arcángel's birthday this weekend, I will be thinking of yours, also.

Brassawe said...

I do not promote this blog in any way. I started it simply to keep friends and family up to date. Other blog entries from this time frame in 2009 have generated a total of about 25 hits in the years since with the exception of the one on "Lawns and Lawn Care" posted on 28 September 2009, which has generated a total of 301 hits to date. However . . . however, this one on Saint Michael has generated a total of 3,168 hits to date. I only very recently noticed this phenomenon, and I am mystified by it.

Stephen Brassawe said...

Now, coming hard up on three years after I wrote this, the page has generated 4,526 hits, 116 . . . no . . . 118 and counting so far today as of this hour and minute. It will soon surpass the San Miguel Film Festival entry and move into the number one spot. Again, this strikes me as extraordinary and inexplicable in connection with a blog that is not promoted in any way.

In any event and as a consequence, I feel constrained to add another comment for the benefit of visitors. Obviously, at the time I was bubbling over with the excessive enthusiasm of the new convert. Were I to write on the same subject today, I would write in a less incendiary tone, no pun intended. However, were I to change this entry now, that would be a species of cowardly dishonesty because it does accurately reflect how I felt at the time.

Stephen Brassawe said...

Oh, hell. I wrote it then, and I own it now. I had no aspirations to go on the dinner party circuit anyway.