20 September 2009

Rise and Shine

I appreciate that fact that I have become dangerous what with the combination of rudimentary video equipment, video software, and the internet. I am like your Uncle Fred in that regard.

Watching this video is an experience much akin to watching Andy Warhol's “American Flag” film, which I had the opportunity to enjoy in an endless loop once in the Chicago Museum of Modern Art. Or his “Empire State Building” film, which I understand is just as gripping.

This is a nine-minute rant that I shot so that someday when I am studying the ice cycles as they melt outside the rest home window, if I am unlucky enough to live that long, I can recall the experience of this place more vividly. So then I uploaded it to Vimeo as a sort of backup. And then I said to myself, “What the hell?” Perhaps it will entertain one other person. So I embedded here.

Unlike your Uncle Fred, nobody here is putting a hammerlock on you and demanding that you watch it.


spike said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Now I'm sorry about your sleep deprivation, but my word that was funny. Is this just a Sunday ritual or other days of the week too? You might want to take out a couple of those roosters as well.

Señor Steve said...

It is 9:42 p.m. now, Spike, and I almost made another video for you. There is a band playing a block away. You would not believe how loud it is. And the fireworks went off per usual at 9:00 p.m. complete with aerial bombs. I love México, but still, some days are better than others.

Señor Steve said...

I don't even hear the goddamned roosters anymore.

Candy Minx said...

Oh no.

One thing that was a culture shock for me here is that on one Tuesday every month...some terrible scary drill alarm is set off. The tv shuts down for emergency broadcasting also. If I am alseep when the air drill goes off, which I quite often am asleep it terrifies me out of bed.

We also have an amazing building and business next to us. It's an architectual salvage joint, with huge building facades, gargoyles, huge eagle statues...all salvaged. They have a huge warehouse ad large back lot with stuff on display. But their bread and butter comes from renting out the cinematic surroundings for...weddings, proms etc. So every Thurs, Fri,Sat,Sun we have party central next door. It makes for shoddy sleeping hours at times. We have a couple of weird neighbours too "Stompy MacFooty" and "Bombingforpeace".

But your bomb sounds are pretty bad...I must say.

Hang in there...and I had a hell of a laugh at the video...