30 September 2009

Propane Again

I most take a moment here to gather myself for the day ahead of me. The little propane tank went empty in the middle of the night. I knew that was coming soon. It had to be. I was dreading it. It was a little chilly crawling out of bed this morning. And no coffee to be had.

Several of you have been through this with me before. As I explained then, this all is a little different down here in México than simply dismounting the tank off the big Weber gas grill on the patio and driving over to Ace Hardware to trade the empty tank for a full one. That all takes a half hour at most.

See that propane tank underneath there?

In my case I must partially dismantle the camper in order to be able to pull the empty tank up and out of the bracket mounted up front on the tongue of the camper. I suppose that provides some security from my tank being stolen, but that is really stretching to look on the bright side.

The front assembly of the camper forms the bunk area at that end. I sleep in the bunk at the back end and use that front bunk area as a closet. Consequently, I will have to pull all that stuff out. I will have to take stuff out of the main living area here in the middle, including the big table, because I must slide the floor of that front bunk assembly back into the main area of the camper just as I do when I am taking the whole thing down in order to tow it away. That all takes a while. All to get to that tank.

In June it was a trick just to find a gas company to trade for a full tank. They are all located far out in the country. I did luck out on that occasion because I received a tank that is in pretty decent shape in return for my pristine white one that had come with the camper when I purchased it. It is not uncommon in México to trade in an empty tank that is in great shape and receive in return a full one that is a junker ready to explode.

I think I have located a gas company that will refill my tank on the spot for me. Since I am satisfied with the condition of the tank that I already have, that is what I want to do. That company is way out in the boondocks. While I love the boondocks, I hate fucking around with this propane tank.

You know what I am going to try? I am going to get the toolbox out of the truck and see if I can simply unbolt the bracket from the tongue of the camper. I will then try to slide the bracket, tank, and all out the side. That way I will not have to break down damned near the entire camper in order to change the propane tank. It will still be some work, but. . . . . .

You know something else? If I get that done, I am not going to remount that bracket. I am just going to set the full tank under there loose on the tongue until the time comes when I must break the camper down entirely, hook it to the truck, and tow it out of here.

Keep me in your thoughts while I struggle with all this today.

I must endure this philosophically. This is where life takes you when you have played the role of the grasshopper in Aesop's fable. Propane tanks, if you are lucky.

Grasshoppers were on my mind.

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Beej said...

Steve, thanks for making me giggle out loud..and no, not at your running out of propane.