29 September 2009


Joachim, my next door neighbor, is a talented photographer. He is trying out a program that allows him to stitch together panoramic shots. He is still using the test version of the program. Consequently, there is an imprint on the photos that he has composed so far.

Nonetheless, let's take a look at how they appear here. He has chosen to shoot classic locations in San Miguel de Allende. Once again, click on them to view larger versions.

Porroquia de San Miguel Arcángel; La Terraza on the left with a string of outdoor cafés.

A covered promenade on the right adjoining El Jardin.

Cab stand near Mercado Ignacio Ramirez, one of the three large markets in town.

Fountain on the approach to the Plaza Civica.

Covered promenade with outdoor cafés adjoining El Jardin with La Terraza on the right in the background.

Not sure.

[They look great enlarged even though one has to scroll across and down to see them in their entirety.]

I can stitch photos together with my little Canon, but the end result demonstrates why Joachim is considering that computer program, which allows one to tweek it all into an acceptable end product.


Candy Minx said...

Those are really cool. Cinematic!

mister anchovy said...

and a lot of fun too.

Sheila said...

Amazng photos. I dscovered I have this ability on my Olympus. Will experiment when I have a decent view to record. Tx