19 September 2009


I attended mass this morning. It has been a while. It was an accident.

As things have evolved, Abarrotes San Antonio has become my regular grocery store. It is a tiny one immediately adjoining San Antonio church a block up the street on the plaza. It is a bit more than a convenience store in that the grocer, whose name I have yet to learn, maintains a little produce section in addition to the usual.

When I trudged up there early this morning, I found the plaza crowded. It was a day for the first communion of the young people. La confirmación was to be held outdoors, presumably because of the number of people attending. A whole lot of young people were going to be confirmed in the faith. I could not pass that up. I stuck around for it.

I admit to the sin of pride in the fact that I comprehended the gist of the homily. The presiding priest spoke slowly and clearly. He wanted the young people to take it in. It was along these lines. As the water and nutrients of the soil nourish the plants, and as the plants nourish the animals, so do the sacraments nourish our immortal souls.

While the young people received their first communion, construction workers passing by in the street on their way to work with their hard hats and lunches in one hand made the sign of the cross with the other.

What a great way to neutralize somewhat the mood created by all that Schopenhauer that I have been reading. Urban México is generally very noisy. But sometimes it is not. While I did not join in the profession of the faith, it was a tranquil scene, and it felt good to be among 'em. A respite from the tennis courts on a Saturday morning.

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