12 September 2009

Household Hint

Here is a little hint from my household to yours. Kinda like Hints from Heloise. Do you get tired of hand washing your delicates, unmentionables, and stuff like that? Get yourself a small or medium-sized, plastic bucket with a top--a top that fits snuggly and will not let the water slosh out. Just throw all your hand-washables in there with some water and detergent. Then put it on the floor of your car or pickup in front of the passenger seat or in the bed of your truck if you have some way to secure it so that it will not slide around and tip over--like maybe what we have learned are called bungee cords. [See May 24.] Then drive off with the bucket there, and do your errands.

You will find that the swing and sway of your vehicle going around town agitates that load of wash perfectly. You will still have to rinse them by hand, unless of course you have two sets of errands, in which case you just switch the soapy water for clear before taking off the second time. However, this does not work on roads with ruts as deep as your tires are high.

I myself no longer have a lot of delicates and unmentionables. However, there is no laundromat to be found here, other than the Spanish Colonial one. [See June 11.] My laundry guy comes for a pickup at 9:00 a.m. on Fridays, mas o menos, and brings back a bundle of clean clothes at 6:00 p.m., mas o menos. Sometimes in the middle of the week, one gets caught short of a few necessary clothing items.

No need to thank me.


Sheila said...

Having washed everything in a bucket for 8 months on the boat I laughed at your story about using your pick up journey to town to do the wash, especially when you said that a rinse required a second set of errands! Just how often do you do this double journey? I thought you were looking at ways to save money! hehe

So how do you dry them? Do you take a third journey to town with your unmenionables flying off the radio aerial?

Ruth said...

Commendable ingenuity, Steve. Genius, in fact. Now I'll share one of mine with you. Any small thing that would look better with a slight touch of the iron? While it's still wet, plaster it to a smooth surface like a mirror or the hood of your car. Smooth it out by hand. Let dry.

Señor Steve said...

That is great, Ruth! The hood of my truck as a combination dryer and ironing board.

Sheila, I have been hanging the stuff out on the makeshift guy wires that I have rigged up to hold down my awning so that the wind does not blow it away. When I do that, this place really does look like a gypsy camp.

Candy Minx said...

I find that just ignoring the laundry while it soaks in the bucket of water is highly effective way to clean the clothes. No really. Stick them in the bucket...with soap...and walk away. 24 hours later do a little scrubbing, not enough to hurt yourself and then squeeze them out and put them into a bucket of rinse water. Does it rain there? If so make a rain barrel. Rain water is beautiful to wash clothes in.