09 September 2009

Crema de Champiñones

I have not contributed enough food related entries to this blog. Everybody likes those. At the other blogs that I visit regularly, listed to the right, there are quite often great entries about food. One of those blogs is devoted entirely to food. Incredible food!

As for me, I have only written about beans and rice in an entry of a couple of months ago, which is referenced immediately below in that other entry about the budget. I have not even come through with the rundown on Mexican cheese that I promised. That is because I still do not know shit about Mexican cheese generally. I got stuck on one variety, Manchego, and that is it. I guess I do purchase some Oaxaca cheese now and again. Oaxaca cheese comes in a coil. Looks like a rattle snake all coiled up.

In any event here is an entry about food.

Is there any food item that does not taste better with a can of cream of mushroom soup poured on top of it or mixed in with it? I suppose there is. Perhaps a desert item or two. I am certain of this though. A lot more food items taste better with it than there are food items that taste better without it.

For example, I used it again today to spruce up my rice. I do not add the half can of water and the half can of milk. If I had wanted rice soup, I would have bought rice soup in the can. Rather, I just dump that glop of concentrate out of the can onto the rice and mix it in. It has more of a casserole consistency then.

I swear you can pour a can of concentrated cream of mushroom soup on damned near anything and improve it. And I have. For example toast two slices of bread and put them side by side on a plate. The pour a glop of concentrated cream of mushroom soup on them. You may not need the whole can. Taste it. And they sell the stuff for a few pesos!

I thought about taking a picture of the can for you and then said, "To hell with it. They have all seen a soup can."

I'll bet when you read the title Crema de Champiñones up there, you thought that this entry might really be something, didn't you?


Ruth said...

I admit I expected something better of you, Senor Steve. Canned cream of mushroom soup???? Gack. And do you have any idea how much salt there is in that stuff? Be kind to your bloodpressure, man.

Señor Steve said...

I don't think this Mexican variety has any salt in it, Ruthie.

iowamg said...

Steve, you son of a gun, I hope you post more on the Mexico-Honduras viewing experience.


Candy Minx said...

You are so funny, Steve. My mum used to make toast with canned mushroom soup. Kind of comforty.

Señor Steve said...

You got it, Hlas. Just for you to the best of my amateur ability.