19 September 2009

Davíd Alfaro Siqueiros

I finally found one! A decently sized, well-lit photograph of Siqueiros's mural in Bellas Artes. Wouldn't you know that it was hidden behind a tiny thumbnail in the wikipedia article. I did not know a large version of this photo was available when I did the video. Notice how the camera is turned slightly to the right. That is because the unfinished portion of the mural is on the near left wall. With this camera angle, it is cut out of the picture.

Those flood lights in that photograph are not permanent. In my video you will see the floor. Those lights are not there today. Nor is there any light switch. In my own defense.

With that, here is one of the most hilariously ineffectual tour videos ever created by the hand of man. After I went to all the trouble to cut it and upload it, I started giggling. I have been laughing harder and harder ever since. Why do I always have to be the one to bump into this sort of thing. But I am not taking it down.

Below are some snapshots of detail that I do not think you will find photos of elsewhere on the internet. See September 17 and comments.

No wonder there are people who make a living photographing art. You just do not pick it up quickly. Still, I would like to see the job any of those women or men could do if they were unable to use light. Light is one of those kind of essential things.

The problem with murals is that one cannot pack them up and take them on a tour. Well, not usually anyway. One has to go see them. I surely would like to see some of Siqueiros's murals from his prime. There are a lot of photos of them on the internet, but if my experience with this one is any gage, photographs do less justice to murals than they do other paintings. Come to think of it, I would like to see some of his other paintings in flesh, too. That I know I can do.


Candy Minx said...

Thank You! I'm working my way through these by clicking on them to enlarge the image...these are really cool!

Señor Steve said...

Regarding that one strange little face incorporated into the one recess, I could so see Stagg doing something like that. Although I certainly do not consider myself an expert on the oeuvres of Stagg. . . .yet.