17 September 2009

Bellas Artes


By way of footnote to the parade entry, Bloggerboy has drawn my attention to the Mardis Gras parade as a glaring exception to my remarks. Were we able to consult with someone who has attended Carnaval in Rio, I am sure they would point to that parade as an exception, too. They are, or would be, both quite correct. Any parade that involves people removing their clothing or wearing little or nothing at the outset is something considerably more than just a parade.

Carnaval, in the Interest of Equal Time for the Ladies

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It occurred to me that I have not made the attempt to show you one of the most impressive buildings, if not the most impressive, in San Miguel. At the risk of returning to the “my Mexican vacation” mode, I am going to make the attempt right now. I say “make the attempt” because that is all one can do with this building by way of photographs. I cannot begin to give you any idea of the scope of this building. These snapshots may be worse than nothing at all by reason of the unavoidable misimpression created.

The Centro Cultural “Ignacio Ramirez:” Instituto National de Bellas Artes, Bellas Artes for short, was constructed over ten years starting in 1755. It was originally the Convent of the Immaculate Conception, a cloistered convent. During the Revolution of 1910 led by the Indian Benito Juarez when the Catholic Church fell on hard times, to say the least, the building was expropriated by the government. After several metamorphoses, it became what it is today, a respected art school run under the auspices of the government. Oddly enough it is now named after Ignacio Ramirez, inarguably the most famous of Mexican atheists, a Renaissance man with an incredibly diverse career.

Bellas Artes is huge with many murals done by students, including an unfinished abstract mural by the famous Davíd Alfaro Siqueiros, whom I mentioned earlier, when he was a student. I have not even attempted to photograph these murals with my little camera.

Which brings me to my real point. What the hell are we going to do without cloistered convents if they keep disappearing at the rate they are?


Señor Steve said...

Just trying to add a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.

Candy Minx said...

Wow, some of those photos are er, ah arresting. Quite the costume.

Now back to business...love that building with the cloisters. I am glad you shared the photos. I am from the nerdy camp...the more nerdy the better. I grew up looking at my grandparents slide shows from when they lived in Europe so...and loving them. So my opinion is biased.

The Bellles Arts is just a gorgeous looking building. I would love to see some of the murals but I understand if they are so large it's too much of a challenge to capture them in any way that would not stress you out. I do enjoy details of art though...if you change your mind etc.


Señor Steve said...

Of course I did not think of that, Candy. And I do not know why I did not. I will try to shoot some detail from these murals.