14 August 2009


I was at a gallery showing today. Some of the works on display were by the Frenchman's girlfriend, who also happens to be a very serious artist. Her name is Maga.

The Frenchman and I hung around the gallery this afternoon trying to make ourselves useful.

Looks are deceiving because Maga is a sweet and obviously very pretty young lady. However, her art is powerful. That web site to which I linked you above is a bit of a chore to navigate through, but if you do, you will find a wonderful series of paintings referred to generally as Contactos con lo Sagrado and another series entitled La Magia del Arte 2.

For me though the really spectacular pieces are her bronze sculptures. Her sculptures of hands are beautiful. The following photo by no means does this sculpture justice, but it is the best I could do in the circumstances.

She has also done some animals in the Mayan style—that is not how she would say it; that is how I am saying it—that are stylized but truly arresting.

The Jaguar

The Eagle

The Eagle and The Jaguar are relatively large pieces. Perhaps these photos will give you some conception of the works.


Ruth said...

Bronze already! Does she do her own casting? Major, major job.

That link you posted seems to be dead, though.

Señor Steve said...

Yes, bronze in wax.

I will try to fix the link, Ruthie.

Señor Steve said...

I have tried to repair that link, Ruthie. Let me know. Something fishy is occurring I think because I am linking to that site in Mexico, and you are clicking on it in the United States.

The main page is here:


Perhaps then a search of "Maga" will get you to her section.

Barb said...

The link worked for me now, Steve. Really interesting stuff. I like both the sculptures and the paintings.

Ruth said...

It's working for me now. I like the bright Mexican-ness of the paintings.

"Bavetta" is the name for the tiny bit of bronze that leaks out of the air holes of the mold when casting bronze. Now you know.