07 August 2009

Little Big Man

I love embed code and internet gadgets like that. I could not resist trying this one, which links to my long standing book discussion group, Constant Reader, at www.goodreads.com:

Little Big Man Little Big Man by Thomas Berger

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this novel cover to cover over three days in Mexico lying in bed with a fever. Read a little. Nap a little. Read a little. Nap a little. I highly recommend this approach to it. Jack Crabb relates his adventures in the Old West as he alternately lived with and fought against the plains Indians. His fictional voice comes so alive that you start talking back to him.

I am hard pressed to think of any better American picaresque novel.

In the name of everything sacred, I beg you. Please do not suggest On the Road in response.

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Ruth said...

You must be feeling better. I'm glad.

Barb said...

Me too. I like being alone when I'm sick, but I always want to know that someone is around if I need them. Those tennis guys probably wouldn't have been much help.

Candy Minx said...

I love this novel.