01 August 2009

José Antonio Madrazo

Ruth, the artist's name is José Antonio Madrazo. The bartender at El Pegaso was ready to murder me because I made him write it down while he was in the midst of a busy Saturday lunch hour.

It so happens that the artist runs a mail order site for the sale of Mexican folk art here. Push "Click to Play" in the upper left middle of that page.

If you let this page load completely you will see a little slide show of nichos, which is what the little boxes are called.

Unfortunately, the nichos in the slide show are boring and in no way representative of the delightful pieces that I saw in the restaurant.

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Ruth said...

Thank you, Steve, for the links and for endangering your relationship with the bartender.

I've had a lot of fun looking at the 100s (?) of nichos. I'm gathering from the warning that they may vary from the illustration that they are not pieces of one of a kind art. Nevertheless, they are a lot of fun. I may buy one.