17 August 2009

Another House

Life flows by so easily right now, but as a result there are fewer Mexican adventures to report in the blog.

Steve the Musician (see July 28, 2009) is no longer staying here at the tennis courts. He along with his daughter and son-in-law are now house-sitting for a rich norteamericano. They hosted a dinner party last week. I arrived early and photographed the house. This house was built and then turned over to an interior decorator. These are the results:

The Grill

The Yard (duh)

The Dining Room

I dunno--the Parlor?

The Front Porch?

The Staircase

The Master Bedroom

The ah Living Room?

A Bathroom

Soon I will be leaving for a few days on a side camping trip into the very high desert up north at Real de Catorce with the little tent and sleeping bag. When I return, I expect to have interesting things to report.


Ruth said...

It do have that decorator look. A little too swellegant form me.

spike said...

I'm very gald that thing of life is flowing for you now......christ.... you deserve it!

Señor Steve said...

I certainly do not know that I deserve it, Spike, but I am going to accept it. Somebody has to live the beautiful life, and it might as well be me at this point in time--as they say.