07 July 2009

The Turn

Spike, the trip over here with the trailer was a piece of cake with the exception of the last turn into the gate. Barb and Beej have inquired as to how this went, also.

I was feeling sassy making my final approach as I drove down callejon San Antonio abreast of the Plaza de San Antonio. It had been a bumpy but uneventful ride to this point.

So then I got here to this intersection. Callejon San Antonio is the street coming over my right shoulder as I took this photo. See that pickup truck with the silver topper on the box parked on the right side of the street down there?

I had told Señora the evening before that I would be here at 11:00 a.m., and I was right on time. Her son and main gun, Hans, was standing out in the street at this intersection waiting for me. I could not believe it and was enormously relieved to see him.

So here is the gate where I had to turn in. The pickup with the silver topper was moved for me. I am telling ya! It was tight. I have no idea how that German couple got their little monster in.

However, this kind of thing is all in a day's work for the Mexicans. All Mexican men are really into these difficult driving projects. It is a participatory sport, not a spectator sport. Once Hans opened the gate and started to guide me in, two pedestrians also spontaneously joined into the project. I had three road guides, Hans in front, one pedestrian guy at my left rear, and the other pedestrian guy at my right rear.

I had to back up a couple of times, but eventually we shoe-horned the truck and trailer in.


Barb said...

I love this image of these people spontaneously jumping in to help you make the turn.

The German camper really has me interested too. It doesn't look to have been actually brought over from Germany, does it?

Señor Steve said...

I will soon have a veritable plethora of information concerning this German RV, Barb. I am ever so slowly but relentlessly making the acquaintance of this couple, my new neighbors. I have not been invited into the thing yet, but I would not expect to be at this early point. For chrissakes, I tell myself, I have only been here for a day, and furthermore, I bear a remarkable resemblance to Charlie Manson right now. But I am so anxious for a peek. I understand from the norteamericano neighbors that it is palatial inside.

spike said...

Your right Steve, that's a tighter turn than I imagined....but nicely done. They must have cleared the whole block to get the big German rig in!

I haven't read about any motorcylcle hobbyists lately...are there many of those in Mexico?

Señor Steve said...

I have seen one Harley so far, Spike. Lots of motorcycles though--just of the much lighter variety.

It is clear now to me that motorcycles are not a hobby here. They are one of the major forms of transportation around town along with the little four-wheeled All Terrain Vehicles. Domino's Pizzas are delivered in boxes mounted on the backs of dirt bikes for example.