20 July 2009

Terresa's Place

I find that the Teresa to whom I have been referring lately spells her name Terresa. She lives approximately 6 miles out of town in the wilderness. I visited her house today with friends.

Frank and his father-in-law, Steve Uno, checking out Terresa's roof. (I am Steve Dos.)

Terresa in her kitchen.

Her home is designed to be a self-sufficient living space.

Water collection systems. Solar panels. All that about which I would like to learn more.

This is the back of the house showing the big skylight on top.

Terresa's tepee and sweat lodge framework.

The closest neighbor through the zoom lens.

It is a fascinating way of living. Check out the cobblestone floors.

I will be taking the truck out there tomorrow with the small tent and sleeping bag and camping on the property for a couple of days.

I have wanted to camp amid those plants ever since I first saw them.

Earlier, I looked back at one of my entries on March 9. I do not know why, but I did. I found this:

The air is particularly rank this morning downtown. It smells as if something is decomposing. And something probably is.

I was ten worlds away from that out at Terresa's place today. Maybe twenty.


Sheila said...

Meeting new folks and making friends isn't it? Travelling on one's own has distinct advantages - people actually talk to you! When you travel as a couple that doesn't happen so much, travelling with friends is OK, but for this you can't beat travelling alone.

I love the look of Terresa's house by the way and its position.

John said...

Our puny human striving to know the unknowable will never change, so we will continue to seek insight and comfort from those who have been "blessed" with greater insight (access to the "other side," if you will). It is interesting in this context that you happened upon these ceremonies and individuals. What did you learn?
It is worth noting that my Lutheran pastor is ultimately also a shaman, just a different kind, perhaps more sophisticated and less superstitious than those who have gone before, but also assuredly less sophisticated and more superstitious than those who inevitably will follow.
I was at bible study this morning. It didn't help much.

Candy Minx said...

That you have run into these folks is really wonderful...

I guess it must be quite different than Iowa huh?

Your new places you visit and friends and acquaintances remind me very much of the west coast area I grew up...sweat lodges...solar panels a bucket for showers hanging froma tree. One such place at the very edge of west coast near Tofino we had a cast iron bathtub set above a "kiln" made of stones and we'd light a fire under it...right on the beach and watch the tide come in or out while having a bath!

I'm so pleased you are having such a wonderful adventure and you are being open-minded.

Señor Steve said...

John, these occasions were for me close encounters with alien ways of skinning the cat spiritually. Here is what I took away from them. While these young people love to laugh and cavort and flirt just like all young people do, they also have an underlying seriousness of spiritual purpose that pulled at my heartstrings. They have far more comfort to offer me than I do to offer them because I have paid so little attention to this whole aspect of life. That was both a happy and a sad thing to learn.

I am sure that the young people at Brigham Young University or Oral Roberts University have every bit as much seriousness of spiritual purpose. The difference is that the spirituality here moves from the bottom up and not from the top down and as nearly as I can tell has nothing whatsoever to do with money.