06 July 2009

San Miguel RV Park and Tennis Courts

This entry really is going to resemble “My Wonderful Mexican Vacation.” There may be some who are interested in the new digs, however.

I would like to announce immediately that San Miguel RV Park and Tennis Courts [hereinafter SMRVPTC] is a hit with me. I have a wifi signal right here at the table inside the camper that is the strongest signal I have had anywhere since leaving home. But that is the least of the many steps up.

My use of the phrase “weird charm” yesterday in reference to this place was inspired. The charm has become even more weird now that I have spent a few hours here. There are all kinds of different activities going on, all of which seem to have been undertaken with a view toward making money. . . .but yet, that is not absolutely clear. It is a bit disorienting. More about that later. Let me do my best to describe this place.

First, this is a legitimate tennis facility with three very well maintained clay courts. The local citizenry pay to play here. Let me orient you with the aerial photograph that I lifted from the web site.

From bottom to top, Courts numbered 1, 2, and 3. My camper is parked at the top right hand corner of Court 2, dead in the center of this photograph, not on the court but just on the other side of the fence.

Here is the rig nested in its new spot next to the vine covered fence of Court 2.

This strange looking RV belongs to my neighbors, who are from Germany. Yes, I actually have neighbors now. I have never seen a recreational vehicle before that even resembles this one. That is the huge spare tire mounted atop the cab along with a couple of large tool boxes. John, have you ever seen anything like this? (For many years John lived in Germany.) In any event it is a little monster.

This is callejon San Antonio, my street, just outside the walls of SMRVPTC.

This would be my new dentist's office right across the street if she did not specialize in children.

This is Plaza de San Antonio located one-half block from SMRVPTC. You have not seen photos of this plaza or church before. This is my neighborhood plaza. I live in a neighborhood now.

This is the plaza from the steps of the church.

Here we are looking up the mountain from the steps of the church.

This is my new convenience store where I picked up a bag of chips and a bag of ice on my photo excursion this afternoon. It is across the street from the church.

That will give you some vague notion of what the new place looks like. I will supply more photos of the RV Park and the goings on here and the neighborhood as the month wears on. As you can probably tell, I am very happy to be here.


Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing about your new digs, Steve. They look delightful. I really like being able to see the places you write about here.

John said...

Steve, that is undoubtedly the strangest looking RV ever. It vaguely reminds me of a German garbage truck. Hope you can talk to the owners and find out their story. btw, have visited Bloggerboy and experienced waves of nostalgia.

Señor Steve said...

Hey, Lynn, glad you are still about here. There will be lots and lots more pictures of SMRVPTC because there is so much going on here.

John, I will try to worm my way into this German couple's affections and find out more. I suspect this is a truck that is also used as a garbage truck among other things but with a special RV box mounted on it. The more I look at it, the more convinced I am.

Bloggerboy does a really nice blog.

Bloggerboy FFM said...

Steve, you're probably right. MAN is a big manufacturer of trucks here. Their TGS line also has an "offroad" version called the Dakar. I've seen documentary films of Germans traveling through Russia using customized variations of what you show. I don't know if MAN sells this kind of camper configuration or if a camper manufacturer customizes the MAN trucks. Here is a link in English: http://www.mn.man.de/mn_group/en

Señor Steve said...

Bloggerboy, I did not see your comment here until just now.

Thanks for the link and the background. We are slowly getting the lowdown on this vehicle.