09 July 2009

Residential Real Estate

I promised some time ago to show you some houses.

This is a new development that I happened upon on my walk to the fitness center. This is a fairly typical layout for the new homes.

There are gated parking spots in front that often double as a kind of front patio with the house in rear.

There are open areas on the second story.

There must be some special word for these second floor open areas, but I have not learned it yet. Inside there will probably be a central courtyard.

A lot of older construction is being rehabbed here because the real estate market is so bubbly.

This is a perfectly typical old residence. One like this will undoubtedly have a central courtyard. Some have a built in garage.

Some do not.

This is a curiosity to me. This penthouse—or what I am guessing is a penthouse—about a block from me is being completely renovated or built from scratch. I cannot tell which.

And by the way if you have not discovered this yet, all you have to do in order to see a bigger version of any of these pictures is click on it.

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