21 July 2009

Residential Real Estate Again

My camping trip is postponed until tomorrow.

Today I rode along on a house hunting trip. You must see this one particular unit that some moron American built down here.

Yes, if you look closely, the gutter on the right side is formed in the shape of a rattle snake. What do you suppose crossed these folks' minds?

I thought you would enjoy some interior shots, too.


Ruth said...

Curious exterior. Lovely, light, almost churchlike interior. I think I like it.

How did you get in?

Barb said...

It looks a little like Gaudi, doesn't it, that kind of fanciful feeling? I think I like it too, Steve, though the rattlesnake gutter is a bit much.

Candy Minx said...

I like this architect way better "The Garbage Warrior" which we just watched and it's a fascinating documentary.

I see you moving towards a more solar useful and environmentally-forward residence. I like the place you got right now! It's going to be a tough sell after seeing the place Teressa lives in and the shamans...


But check this guy out...wonderful story:


Candy Minx said...