05 July 2009


Still there is something to be said for an inefficient banking system. At the least the large Mexican banks have not beggared the ordinary Mexican citizenry with the the biggest swindle in the history of the world.

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I am excited this evening. My tenancy at the Fiesta Hotel is expiring tonight. In the morning I will be moving to San Miguel RV Park and Tennis Courts, sometimes known as Weber's Tennis Courts and Camping Sites .

What will this move accomplish for me? First, I will be living in a neighborhood in the true sense of the word. Out here on the edge of town, about all I can say is that I live next to the Happy Chicken and the Mega store.

Second, I will be much, much closer to the historic downtown.

Third, I will be within walking distance of a fitness club, which is becoming of vital interest to me.

And lastly, I will be living in a place of some truly weird charm.

I stopped and spoke to the Señora there this evening to make absolutely sure we are on. She was delighted with my progress in the Spanish language since last we met about three weeks ago. She speaks no English and previously was mystified as to what I was doing here unable to speak Spanish. (Her son speaks excellent English but was not around this evening.)

This campground is limited to small campers. No big RV's here. The route into the place is through very narrow cobblestone streets. I have walked the route, and there are three tight turns that concern me. However, others have done it before me. We shall see in the morning.

Pictures to follow of course.

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Not a single one of you may have any interest in this at all. However, I did want to point out the two links that I recently added to the list on the right.

The Mex Files is an extremely informative blog on Mexican affairs written by long-time expatriated Americans much, much more knowledgeable than I. It has become valuable reading for me.

The other link is to Rolly Brook's My Life in México. That site is a little difficult to describe. Visit it, and you will soon get the hang of it.


spike said...

You will maneuver these turns just fine. Remember our dads, negotiating farm wagons, with pinpoint accuracy......and those things had four wheels! You're all over it with the two wheeled camper trailer.

Señor Steve said...

Spike, you do not know how often I have thought of that same subject when backing up this trailer. Backing a two-wheel trailer is a piece of cake compared to those four-wheeled farm wagons.

You are right. I will get it in there.