09 July 2009

Preview of a Coming Event

Our American expatriate colleague in Germany, Bloggerboy, provided a link to the MAN truck site in English. See his comment on the first entry regarding the SMRVPTC on July 6. We are slowly getting the lowdown on that vehicle.

I notice that MAN recently celebrated its 250th Anniversary in 2008?

Bloggerboy, maintains a blog relating to his residence in Germany, the link to which you can find on the right. A couple of entries ago, he wrote a delightful entry concerning cheeses, which inspired me to commence putting one together concerning Mexican cheeses. I am still determined to do that, but I am still doing research. In fact my mouth is full of some manchego cheese right now.

For the time being let me assure you that Mexican cheese is the real deal.

In any event that entry is to come. I promise.

1 comment:

Candy Minx said...

That is one sexy vehicle that MAN thingie!