07 July 2009

The Other Neighbors

I have other neighbors, too.

These are the chicken coops along the side fence of Court 3. The chickens are right across the "street" from me.

The more I study this installation, the more convinced I am that it was originally constructed as a kennel for the guests' dogs. And in fact the left half could still serve that purpose. However, a chicken wire ceiling has been installed over the right half, and the chickens have that half now.

Both Texas and México are very chicken friendly places.


Ruth said...

Chickens make nice burbling noises as they settle down for the night.

Señor Steve said...

Yes, Ruthie, they do.

And even though I complained vociferously about the crowing in Texas, I have grown used to it. In fact I have grown more than used to it. I have grown fond of it.