08 July 2009

My mélieu

I do love SMRVPTC. Have I mentioned that? I know I did mention previously that a lot of different activities of an indeterminate economic nature are going on here.

As for the new pile of rocks, nothing has changed except that one more load was hauled in and added to the pile today.

Court 2

Court 1

It has become clear after two days that both Hans and Walter, Señora Weber's sons, are tennis pros. Americans have been coming here for the lessons all day today, male and female, little ones, big ones, short ones, tall ones. Some Mexicans, too.

Now then, there is also this building directly across the other “street” from me. Construction work is going on on the second story. The first story houses what is quite apparently the shop that serves the rest of the operation.

However, some other gentlemen are working on restoring a VW Beetle in there. I watched them do a little welding on the chassis yesterday from my lawn chair. I am beginning to suspect that one of them is another son.

Here are the fenders sitting just outside primed and ready for paint. The guys sit around in there and shoot the breeze after their day is done. It is an enviable existence, too.

The family name, as I said, is Weber, and the patriarch is missing, presumed by me to be dead. Given the first names of the sons and the surname Weber, I wonder if he was German.

The office and the way out.

A little clothing shop across the street that I am fond of. It does sell more than flip flops.

The church spires from my back yard.

I am slowly becoming a bit better acquainted with my five co-inhabitant campers here. I should be able to fill you in a bit more on them soon. I can tell you right now that none of them do anything.

There is a delightful American couple here who appear to be in their late thirties or early forties, a very attractive pair. They have a Ford F250 with a camper mounted in the bed. They have been all over México and have started to brief me on those things I am curious to see and to suggest things I never knew about. Mitch and Lisa have been on the road in México for six years! That is not a typo. Six years.

Then there is the German couple, Bärbel and Joachim, whom I have already mentioned.

Lastly, there is another Steve who is about my age and has been coming here for fifteen years. He is now permanent here. He has a wealth of information about the local players and characters and seems to relish filling someone in who knows nothing about that; to wit, me.

This location has also allowed me to sign up at the San Miguel Fitness Center because I am now within easy walking distance of the place.

A laundry guy calls on me. After two large loads out and two large loads in and $11.16 American out, my laundry is caught up.

The dish washing station is steps from my spot. I have now washed dishes in warm water for the first time in weeks.

Life is very good.

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