03 July 2009

Middle Class Mexican Homes

I have found Mexican homes here in San Miguel to be intriguing. However, I have been a little shy about photographing them with impunity. There have not been many mentions in this blog of the current situation in México regarding the narcotraficantes and the incredible crimes of violence that take place in this country. I simply did not wish to play all that up. I feel safe where I am, but I try to use my head, too. I do not feel it wise to be taking a lot of photographs of houses when I do not know who owns those houses or what is going on inside those houses. Misunderstandings can arise.

If you enjoy sleeping uneasily, you will want to read this article in the May issue of Harper's Magazine by Charles Bowden based upon his interview of a Juarez hit man. I do not know whether Charles should be commended for his fortitude or condemned for his foolhardiness. Whatever, the article was a sobering one for me when I first read it before coming to this country.

Be all that as it may, here are some pictures of upper middle class homes.

An irritating factor for me is that electrical wires and such are never underground in this country. Consequently, it seems as if every photograph of houses or other buildings is marred in some way by hanging wires.

These homes are perhaps a bit beyond upper middle class. The wealthy of México City come here this time of year because it is cool.

The majority of the buildings along a street such as this would be homes or apartments with the odd shop or tiny convenience store mixed in.

The average homes of México's Cleever families will be coming up next.

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