04 July 2009

Mid-Term Elections

But before we do that, I want to mention that the Mexican mid-term elections are taking place on Sunday. México has a bicameral legislature and all seats in both houses will be filled with this election.

There was quite a large political rally on the front lawn of the hotel a couple of days ago resulting in the trashing of my bathroom and my shower. I will spare you the details of that.

The Mexicans have in place interesting restrictions on electoral campaigning. I am now enjoying what is called journadas de reflexión--“days of reflection.” During the three days before the election no polls can be published and no campaigning is allowed. It is a little quiet time in other words. As implied by the phrase, apparently the voters are now supposed to reflect on their decision without being hammered by last minute commercials.

I very much like the idea of jornadas de reflexión.

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It is 56° F. this morning at this altitude of 6,266 feet.

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