07 July 2009

The Mexican Laborer

Now I told you that there are a lot of things going on here at SMRVPTC. This afternoon three guys came in with this truck and unloaded two loads of rocks into a pile. The truck was not the dump variety, and so they unloaded the rocks one by one by hand. Actually, I should say that two of the three guys unloaded those loads of rocks. The third guy, the driver, watched the other two guys unload the rocks from a vantage point in the shade. This is taking place right across the "street" from me. Some interesting project is under way.

God, these Mexican laborers work hard! You cannot appreciate it until you see first hand, for example, a crew of Mexican men down in the ditch next to the road with shovels in 100° heat. It makes me feel a bit guilty about my privileged existence. Not guilty enough to go over and help those two Mexicans unload those rocks off that truck. However, if I were hungry enough, I could go over and sit with the other Mexican in the shade and watch the first two unload those rocks.


Ruth said...

Here,just a little over an hour north of the Mexican border, we have many of these hardworking Mexicans. They're all little guys, and they do most of the hardest work.

Señor Steve said...

I know it is a cliché, Ruthie, but it is incredible how hard these people work. Partly, it is because they have nearly worthless equipment, but that is only a small part of it.