08 July 2009

Just What We Needed

Well, here it is, everything we need to know about that German rig and my neighbors, Bärbel and Joachim:

Auf der Panamericana von Alaska bis Feuerland

As luck would have it, we have just the person with us who can help a bit. I do not know exactly how to go about this. John, can you give us a few highlights concerning the big RV itself? Then perhaps you can tell us a bit about what Bärbel and Joachim are up to. . .as time permits of course.

In the meantime for the rest of you the link over on the left side of their blog's home page labeled Mediathek will take you to their videos and photos. But also, take a look at the photos at the bottom of the first page. That big garbage truck is beautiful inside.

Here is one fact of which I am certain and for which I do not need a translator. That thing cost an extraordinary amount of Euros.


Barb said...

Did you find out if they brought it over from Germany and how?

John said...

Crap, I wrote a long comment including a translation of all the technical stuff concerning the Kieser's RV and it looks like it didn't post. How annoying. Did you see anything? If not, I could do it again.

Señor Steve said...

I am sorry, John. I did not see it. Perhaps there is a limit to the number of characters one can include in a comment here. I don't know.

If all else fails, forward it to me in an email. I will then put it in a main entry--with due credit of course.