27 July 2009

Jojoba Oil

My hair was approaching a point where I feared that some of the tangles might become permanent. I consulted with a neighbor hippie lady who has red hair down to the middle of her back. She recommended jojoba oil. Jojoba oil comes from the jojoba plant, which grows spontaneously in the northwestern parts of Mexico. Moreover, she said she would pick some up for me because she had to resupply herself, hippie women being quite high on natural products, particularly those natural cosmetic products that have not been squirted into puppies' eyes in a mega-corporation's laboratory somewhere.

Later, I found a bottle of the stuff on my table outside the camper. The catch was that I did not know how to use it. So I threw it into the truck for some reason.

A day later and in return for a meal or two, I was driving that hippie Terresa around so that she could pick up groceries for her Temazcal Ceremony after feed. Terresa lived in Berkeley when Berkeley was Berkeley. She explained that among other alternatives, I could simply rub two or three drops of jojoba oil directly into my hair.

At the next stop while Terresa went into the store, I got out of the pickup truck, fetched a hair brush from the back, rubbed three drops into my hair on the spot, and brushed it in. It truly was a miraculous product. I instantly felt like the Breck girl. I began swinging my hair around like women do in those television commercials for hair products. I raved about it to Terresa as soon as she came out of the store.

Later back home, I did find the cap to the bottle still sitting on my rear bumper. But the full bottle itself was no longer on the rear bumper where I had left it. I got exactly three drops of product out of that bottle of jojoba oil.

Nonetheless, based only on that limited usage, I can assure you that jojoba oil is one of the very few natural products that I have encountered that works every bit as well or better than the stuff that has been squirted into puppies' eyes.


Candy Minx said...

I seriously get dreadlocks in this hot humid weather. I guess I better go pick up some Jojoba oil!

Señor Steve said...

It comes with my highest stamp of approval.

I am told that one should add two or three drops to a glop of shampoo in your hand in the shower and apply it that way.

A glop is two carefully measured glugs.

Jojoba said...

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Brassawe said...

Jojoba Oil is God's own gift. Thanks for this comment, Jojoba. Your comment was God's own gift, too.


Thank you! I am glad that you appreciated that post and look forward to you and your friends visiting this site often and joining it!
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