09 July 2009

Joachim's Photographs

This afternoon Joachim was walking by while I was half asleep in the sun. He stopped to chat. The first words he spoke were, “By the way that is not a garbage truck.”

He has the capability to see when someone has linked to his site such as I did below. He was then able to backtrack to my blog here and read our comments about his RV. He took it all in good humor.

They have been on an amazing journey. He spoke most adamantly about Yellowstone Park and Bryce Canyon however. If you did not check out his photographs before, you should do that with at least a few of them now. His galleries are organized by subject matter, such as “Landscapes” (Landschaften), rather than location, as he explained to me this afternoon.

Joachim's photographs are of professional quality. Let me make it easy for you. This link will take you to a gallery of landscape photos near the bottom of the page. Pass your cursor over the thumbnails to get a description. Bryce Canyon is in the middle of the bottom row. That is a spectacular photograph!

His galleries feature the device where you move your cursor up either side of the photo to expose the “back” button or the “next” button. You will be amazed at some of these photographs.

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Candy Minx said...

I'm crazy about Jellystone park!!! I have a fantasy of staying at the Mammoth Springs Hotel sometime. I've been on a few road trips through there. (remember when I drove across the States in my suzuki not-so-swift in 2000?)