05 July 2009

The Down Side

On the other hand I do not wish to leave the impression that everything is peaches and cream here.

It is entertaining to read the writing of other Americans bitching about the Mexicans. Here is a guy bitching about the business practices in central México. Scroll down to, I thought I would write a follow up. . . The thing is, he is absolutely correct as nearly as I can tell based upon one month of experience.

And scroll down a way on this page until you come to the entry beginning with this:

If you read guidebooks or travel articles about México, you will read that Mexicans are wonderfully accommodating, friendly, warm, and generous to strangers.

This guy is bitching about the ill breeding of the Mexicans from my state of Guanajuato. And he is correct, too. Apparently, Mexicans from other parts of the country agree with this assessment. Let me assure you that I have yet to meet either the ever helpful Cisco Kid or his warm, trusty sidekick, Pancho, here in the state of Guanajuato. Not real friendly folks at all as a rule. But then again, mountain folks never are.

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