04 July 2009

Chicago X

At one month and one day into México and on the Fourth of July, I must pause and acknowledge something. I love this place. The place fits me, and I think I am fitting the place a bit better every day.

The fact is, I feel so good here. The only moments that are exceptions to that are when I have brief little flashes of foreboding that it is too good to be true. I fear that a uniformed person will accost me and say, “All right, Steve, this is it. You've had enough. Lean against the pickup and spread your legs. As soon as we finish patting you down, we're taking you back.”

Other than little dreadful moments like that, I am having a ball.

This afternoon I was ambling through the Mega store picking up some cheese and crackers, when “If You Leave Me Now” from Chicago X, 1976, came on the overhead speakers, which are kinda cranked up there. I got a catch in my throat that I initially thought was homesickness, but it was not. That was the year I graduated from law school, the bicentennial year. It was just plain old unadulterated sentimentality, the enjoyment of which seems enhanced in México, too.

Moreover, I am so relieved, I feel so unburdened that everything that has occurred between 1976 and now is over and done with, and I am here in this moment undefeated. Peter Cetera and Chicago were wrong.


Kathy said...

Paul says" Doesn't look like Ceasars to me".
Kathy says "Wow, looks like an incredibly beautiful place you are living in. Glad you are enjoying yourself and settling into life there. Best wishes"

Barb said...

I love this entry, Steve. Who says we can't adapt and be flexible post-60?

Señor Steve said...

I am delighted that you found the place, Kathy. You and Paul should drop by for a cup of coffee sometime. In meantime please keep visiting in this manner.

That is exactly what I am beginning to think, Barb. Who says we can't?

Although do I ever embarrass myself speaking Spanish sometimes! It is a brutal experience when you intend to say something like, "How much does it cost?" and end up saying, "How much do I cost?"

Barb said...

Well, language may be the exception, but, still, it only means that it's harder, not impossible.

And, the move today sounds like a great choice!