17 June 2009

The Tuesday Market

Arlene Krasner in her article at Sally's Place was not blowing smoke about Tianguis del Martes, the Tuesday market. It is huge. Make no mistake about it. This is the big one.

And it comports more closely with my mental image of a Mexican open market. It truly is open.

Unfortunately, I could not noodle out directions to this market from any source on my own, and Arlene turned out to be right. It is not within walking distance like the other two markets. So today I pissed away some money by hiring a cab out and another cab back in order to find the place. Not much money though. This was the first time I have paid for a cab in México. I will not need to again in order to get to this market. The route was simple, and there is plenty of free parking there for my truck.

The conversations in Spanish in the cabs today went well.

Some of my male friends are undoubtedly muttering that Steve has gone completely insane if he is getting fond of these markets. However, those same male friends, like me, can go into a hardware store and easily browse for more than an hour without buying anything.

Check this out gentlemen:

Used hand tools.

Used power tools.

Used tool tools.

This is just a small sampling. I browsed through thousands and thousands of used tools today, and I am confident that my use of the term “thousands” is not a stretch.

Here is one of the extra tight jeans stalls--just one of many.

I honestly am not sure what you could not buy at Tianguis del Martes.

As for me, today I purchased a kilo of pinto beans, six bananas, three apples, a pirated copy of the movie Che on DVD in Spanish for practice, and a couple of handfuls of peanuts, which I ate on the spot. The pirated DVD cost $1.50 American.

I admittedly have not gotten up the nerve to eat at a place such as this counter at the market. Sooner or later though, I am going to buckle. I was hungry out there today and very nearly sat down to sample a gordita. Perhaps next time.

The conversations in Spanish there at the market went well today, also, by the way.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And what do you know, Matt?

Right next to the Tianguis del Martes market is the municipal soccer stadium, Estadio Municipal José Maria “Capi” Correa Tellez.

Here is the grim view out onto the pitch of this little stadium. We have given up on the grass right now, but the rainy season is coming.

The west stands.

I have not yet researched the name of the gentleman after whom the stadium is named, but I bet he played soccer.

The east stands. In an effort to raise a little more revenue for stadium upkeep, obviously, the city lets some guys run an auto repair business under these east stands. I will get a picture of that operation the next time I am out there.

It's a different game down here. It's fast. It's wide open. It's wild, buddy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

My campground remains completely empty with the one exception of me.

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