28 June 2009

This is it for awhile! I promise!

I know. I know. This particular musical interlude has extended on beyond its time. It's just that it has been raining all weekend here, and I could not get out. Do I ever have a case of cabin fever! However, the sun is rising in a beautiful, cloudless sky over San Miguel de Allende this Sunday morning. The church bells have been ringing and the aerial bombs have been going off calling the folks to mass. I am outa here right after my shower.

I mentioned in an earlier entry how I had gotten hooked on George Strait during my stay up there in Luckenbach, Texas, before heading south. I have never before tried a Texas style country and western tune myself, just honky tonk. I decided to take a shot at my favorite George Strait tune. Here it is for what it's worth. Then we will get back to México.

So Good In Love from Uncle Steve on Vimeo.


Ruth said...

Nice. I lost a George Strait album when we tossed all the LPs before we moved.

Im glad that this time you had that left hand in the video. I like to watch what's going on there.

Lynn said...

Bravo! Well done Steve!