21 June 2009

Teatro Ángela Peralta Revisited

Mural from the lobby of Teatro Ángela Peralta.

Barb asked some questions about the opera last night, and so I will add a bit. Those who are mortally bored will have to. . . .be mortally bored, I guess.

This was definitely the culmination of a national competition. The director of the national opera in Mexico City was in attendance and spoke. Some other Mexican opera pooh-bah was also in attendance. I am not tying to overly dramatize it, but it was obviously a big deal in terms of young talent.

It was a sell-out. I had purchased my ticket some days ago, thank goodness. But nonetheless, it is usually possible to find the single, odd ticket to events like this. I hasten to add, though, that this is a small theater. I am awful at guessing capacities, so let's just say it was cozy.

The crowd in this little theater was about half and half insofar as I could judge it. The master of ceremonies did everything totally bilingually. She announced in Spanish and then repeated everything in English.

There are a lot of wealthy Americans living here, and some Americans are here for their cheap plastic surgery. Attending the opera makes these folks' hearts beat ever so much faster. Know what I mean? In fact I have the strong feeling that the San Miguel Opera is the pet project of some of the wealthy Americans. So anyway, there was an American layer in the crowd that was dressed pretty impressively.

Then there were the 60-year-old American hippies whom I probably most resembled. This is what I was able to put together with the bits of clothing that I have with me. It worked okay, I thought.

The Mexicans were dressed in everything from blue jeans to really cool, very tasteful clothing.

Actually, the dress was similar to what I have experienced at regional opera houses in the U.S.A. It ran the gamut. It was not like Lincoln Center or The Met. No.

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Thanks, Steve. That fleshed it out a bit for me.