01 June 2009

Slight Alteration in Plans

90F on the nose in Cedar Rapids this morning, and 80F on the nose here. The humidity is flip-flopped though. 48% there, and 79% here. Jack is outside mowing my lawn and soaked.

There has been a very slight change in plans. I will be crossing the border on Wednesday, June 3, instead of tomorrow, June 2. The reason is that when I went in to check the books in the office this morning, I found that I am paid up here at Oleander Acres through Tuesday evening, not just through this evening.

Of course as you all know, I am quite wealthy with tons of passive income managed by a bevy of Iowa accountants. I find earned income to be so déclassé. Don't you? However, I am not sufficiently wealthy to simply piss away a night at this park for which I have already paid when there are no refunds except in extraordinary circumstances. Actually, I think Lois miscalculated, but she is sure, and I am not going to argue with her anymore.

She did make the offer to me that I knew was coming at some point. If I were to stay for a month instead of a week, she would give me credit for the week's rent that I have paid on the month's rent that I would pay and start my month when I first pulled in here. The upshot would be that I would only owe another $160.00 for an additional three weeks. (With weekly rent the electricity is included, and with monthly rent the electricity is extra, but we would sort all that out easily because I have not used that much electricity.)

I thanked her profusely and explained that I am going to Mexico—on Wednesday now.

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