30 June 2009

Public Library

There is more often a bird on the Ignacio Allende's hat than not. If you don't believe me, scroll about three-quarters of the way down on this page.

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There can perhaps be no more eloquent testimony regarding the terrain on which this city is situated than the fact that the police motorcycles are dirt bikes, really good dirt bikes but dirt bikes nonetheless.

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Public libraries in México are not a given in any particular city. They are not as common as in the United States. This is the entrance to the public library at calle Insurgentes No. 25 in San Miguel. It is an unprepossessing thing from the outside.

The distinguishing feature of nearly every Mexican building in this part of the country is the central courtyard. So it is with the public library. I was at one of the tables with an umbrella and took snapshots in various directions.

The public library in San Miguel is in existence because of the philanthropy of a lady originally from the United States. It is a bilingual library in the sense that the staff all speak both Spanish and English and the books shelved there are both Spanish and English ones.

Some of the stacks are just under the roof off the courtyard. I cannot immediately think of a better way to say this. I am referring to my surprise that books are shelved so close to the elements.

I found the library to be a charming place. It is open from 10:00 a..m. to 7:00 p.m. There is a wifi connection there for the laptop.

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On my walk home from the library yesterday, I encountered these guys on their way to deliver cargo to the central square.


Candy Minx said...

Just delightful setting. Love the pics always!

Andrew said...

Beautiful, Steve. I wish I were with you! I could recite a poem in Spanish, un fragmento: Cancion del muchacho de siete Corazones por Federico Lorca.

Take care
-andy (from CR)

Señor Steve said...

Andy, what a delight! I am so glad you dropped by.