14 June 2009

The Other End of Town

So far I have shown you the quaint and cute stuff up the mountain from the end of San Antonio Street well to east of where I am camped. Immediately behind my campground is the west end of San Antonio where the not-so-quaint stuff is located here on the edge of town.

This is the Mega Store. It is a big Mexican white box store. Walmart is here in Mexico. I saw one in Matehuala back up the road. But that is the only one I have seen. The Mega Store is certainly the equivalent, Mexican style. And thank goodness it is there. I found two different special, small light bulbs for my camper there that I would not have had any idea where to look for otherwise.

Well, I did also buy some water in bulk there.

I guess I bought some cheese and crackers there.

And I bought some other stuff there if the truth be known.

In the food section of this particular store half of one entire large aisle is given over to beans of various sizes and shapes. The other entire half of that aisle displays rice of various makes and models.

The produce section truly is not worth a damn. One really does have to go to the open market for any decent fruits and vegetables.

Mexicans are apparently not high at all on peanut butter. In this very sizable store I could only find the tiniest container of Jiff peanut butter. There were some tiny containers of Jiff creamy style only and some tiny containers of Jiff with honey, which I had never heard of.

I did strike it rich with that cheese and crackers purchase. I really had no idea what I was buying, but when I got them home, I found that both the crackers and the cheese were great, and together they were dynamite. I still have a couple of cans of soup, the contents of which I have only the slightest idea about even with the use of a English/Spanish dictionary.

This is the Happy Chicken (Feliz Pollo). It is a very popular Mexican franchise, as you can probably tell by the size of this place. Tough to tell what “asado” means when the Mexicans use that word, and they use it all the time. Could mean grilled, barbecued, or broiled. In this case I suspect it means roasted. Ask the folks in the kitchen at Xavier's for me, Spike. What does it mean when it relates to chicken like this? It's pronounced AH-SAH-DO.

“Al carbon” definitely means charcoal grilled. But regardless of the mode de cuisine, how could any chicken within 50 miles of a place like this of this size be at all happy? The Chicken Delight people were delightfully vague as to who was delighted, but presumably it was the customers. Happy Chicken, however, makes absolutely no sense at all. Nonetheless, very soon I am going to try out the food at the Happy Chicken.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Parque Benito Juárez is far and away the most enchanting city park that I have ever encountered.

It is less a park and more a jungle with a maze of concrete and brick walkways and bridges.

I really do pay attention to landmarks when I am in it because it soon becomes disorienting

There were an unusual number of folks in the park this weekend because of the fiesta.

Because one can find somewhat isolated spots in this park so easily, I am convinced that it was specially designed for lovers who have no where else to go in order to do it.

And boy, do they get it on in Parque Benito Juárez! When I walk through the park in the early mid-afternoon, I do so looking straight ahead with my eyes slightly lowered and focused on the walkway surface right in front of me. There are kids all over the place necking and feeling up each other after school. It is really quite romantic in the afternoon.

But when the young adults come out in the evening, the night time is the right time. Wow! It is all business then, and I simply avoid it.

These are the hoops courts, which get a lot of use in the early evening, but in the mid-afternoon sun such as this, it would take an extraordinary hombre to play basketball on these courts.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

There has been a fiesta going on in town all weekend, and I am about to go nuts. More about that later when I am up to talking about it unless I go to a Mexican jail for braining this carnival asshole with the bullhorn less than a block from my camper. Because he is chanting over a bullhorn, I cannot make out one single word he is saying. Spike, ask the folks in the kitchen what it is that these carnival people chant over and over and over through the bullhorn. It is insane!

And while you're at it, Spike, ask them if we start our fireworks complete with aerial bombs at 5:30 in the morning all over México, or am I living in the middle of some real unusual Mexican fireworks freaks.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I need to make the acquaintance of a trusted Mexican here soon so that he can explain stuff to me. I still haven't the faintest idea what is going on around me.

I am not complaining. I'm just saying. . . . . . .

(I learned that construction from my youngest child, Sarah.)


Candy Minx said...

The park is absolutely beautiful!

I love al the pics, feel like I'm right there!

Hey, drop by and say howdy...


Anonymous said...

Spike, it's time. Get the Xavier's kitchen staff to explain this stuff.

spike said...

OK guys, I'll get some answers in the next day or two. I'm staying in tonight, but check back!

Señor Steve said...

I suppose I could simply purchase some pollo asado and find out what it is. Still, it seems to me it would be good for the kitchen staff's morale to get them involved. Remember the two l's sound like a y. So it is POH-YOH AH-SAH-DO.

I gave a bad rap to the carnies. That man chanting over the bullhorn was at it again last evening, Monday evening, after the carnival was long gone. After listening carefully, my latest theory is that he is a Pentacostal preacher. If he is at it again this evening, I am going down to investigate personally and possibly silence him forever.

You can ask the kitchen staff if my theory is reasonable, but I think that by the time you have a chance, I will have the answer.

Señor Steve said...
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spike said...

Well, I went to the X-club tonight, all the Mexican's were of early......no business. So I've got nothing new to report....but please stick with me I'll get to the bottom of this.

Señor Steve said...

I am in no hurry, Spike. Believe me. I am in hurry at all about anything.

You know what we like to say down here? No tengo prisa. I am in no hurry.

No hurry at all.

Señor Steve said...

Oh, and if any in the kitchen are curious, I am in the state of Guanojuato, the state capitol of which is Guanojuato. . . . . Estados Unidos Mexicanos.