27 June 2009

Okay, Ruthie.

California Ruthie, you are a sweetheart! (Actually, Cedar Rapids Ruthie is, too.)

You asked about the guitar in your comment on the previous entry. I cannot give a short answer to the simplest question anymore. The short answer would be that it is a Sierra Alpine SD35CE. Although I had never heard of Sierra guitars before, I was fond of this one from the first moment of our acquaintance in the store in Lindale, Texas, back in early May. I needed a relatively inexpensive guitar so that if a drunk put his foot through it during that Pickin' in the Pines music festival up there, I would not necessarily turn homicidal. I grow more and more fond of it as time goes by.

Your "little Martin" is most likely worth a little fortune now, Ruthie.

You asked for an encore. This is the closest that I can come to Mississippi John Hurt for you.

In the Evenin' from Uncle Steve on Vimeo.


Ruth said...

Bravissimo, Steve. That's definitely music right up my highway. I do love the blues.

An acoustic electric, eh? How does that work? Does it just have an electric pickup in the sound box or is there more to it?

As for my old Martin. I doubt it's worth much. I pretty much played the hell out of it.

Here's a link to my longtime and dear friend, who taught me guitar and who died last August. Doesn't really show what he could do, but it's the only one I could find on the net. He's the guy on the left.


Were you utilizing the electric part when you were playing just now? Sounds really good.

Thank you for your gracious note.

Señor Steve said...

No, Ruthie, I have not had this thing plugged into an amplifier since I tried it out in the store. This acoustic electric thing is entirely new to me, too. It has a pickup hidden in there somewhere. There is a little rheostat for volume and one for tone built into the top of the body right under my chin. The peg for the strap on the ass of the thing doubles as the place where you jack in the chord to the amp.

I will check out the clip of your friend.