20 June 2009

A Forthcoming Night at the Opera

I was a working stiff today.

I did laundry.

Here the floor of the camper is drying after I washed it.

I walked about and bought supplies.

And tonight I am rewarding myself with a night at the opera at Teatro Ángela Peralta here in San Miguel.

I had given up on enjoying any live opera for the foreseeable future when I set out on this trip a couple of months ago. Much to my surprise and joy, I found that a major annual Mexican concurso or competition is is being here tonight. I shall be in attendance without my tux, but that's all right here.

The artists who compete at these concursos are not somebody's kids. They are the real thing, and this competition is kind of a big deal here in Mexico. Some of you may enjoy listening to brief highlights of last year's competition. . . . . won by a mezzo! The sound quality of this clip is fairly decent.

The guy who does the Tosca aria slightly more than halfway through the clip kicks ass as do the rest, each in their own way.

In any event I am fired up and will report back.


spike said...

I know this dosen't belong in this post, but the word ASADOS mean's....grilled. My little Mexican friend Iris has been out of town and was put back a little that this is all I had to bring to the table.....that said I didn't mean to barge in on the Opera Post.

Candy Minx said...

Um...I wonder if it is possible for you to find some bamboo or wicker floor matting? Maybe at Walgreens?

I was also thinking...maybe you might be able to go to a recycling or dump site and pick up some scrap wood or pallets (used in warehousing) and reclaim them. Making at least...an area as a "mud room". Or some kind of tarp that prevents some water from entering area. A Bench/milk crate protected from water could be a "mud room". You could tke off your shoes and put on flip flops...

Less tracking of mud and sand into your camper?

Señor Steve said...

Reassure Iris that we will be needing her services more and more here. This is only the beginning. I was going to try some product from Feliz Pollo this past weekend, but the place was mobbed both days. I will try it sometime during the middle of a weekday afternoon.

God, Candy, you are a genius! I found an abandoned pallet near my camper here. I am setting up this mud room and will post pictures as soon as it is done.