13 June 2009

El Chorro

I cannot do justice to the beauty of the city with my little camera. Nonetheless, here are some more pictures taken in the oldest neighborhood in the city, El Chorro.

Calle Chorro. (Chorro Street.)

You can see the Café Chorro in the distance, the yellow building in the upper right corner. The balcony there is the location from which the panoramic picture in the earlier entry concerning the San Miguel Laundromat was taken.

I am not sure I could do this street on a bicycle. I would certainly need a different kind of bicycle than the one I have with me because of the cobblestones.

Looking down on the abutting street from the balcony of Café Chorro.

This building houses the San Miguel de Allende Cultural Center now. It is almost older than dirt. It is a colonial building currently undergoing restoration at a very, very deliberate pace.


Ruth said...

You and your "little camera" are taking some great photos, Steverino.
You have a good eye.

Señor Steve said...

The little camera is a Canon PowerShot SD880, Ruthie. It was rated by the New York Times camera guy as the best of the digital cameras in the $250.00 price range. As is always the case, if one purchases this camera, the final tab when all is said and done will be considerably more than $250.00.

And thank you, Ruthie. My camera and I are getting along better every day. When there is a bad day, it is always attributable to me and not to the camera.

I have been inspired at least to try by my old college roommate--let us say former college roommate, John, who drops by here occasionally. You are of Italian descent, as I recall. He has been sending back some absolutely beautiful photos from Italy.

Candy Minx said...