01 June 2009

The ABC Song

A month ago the H1N1 virus was a very serious concern. It still is to a lesser extent. Soon after I arrived at Canyon Lake, I heard a piece about hand washing on Austin public radio. One small part of that was a kindergarten teacher explaining how she teaches her students to sing The ABC Song as they rub their little soaped hands together in order to insure that they do that long enough to clean the hands thoroughly. I believe the minimum desired time was 20 seconds, if I recall correctly, which is a lot longer than you think. That is the whole point.

I tried that little device out right away. It was immediately apparent that I myself had not been rubbing my soaped hands together long enough in order to cleanse them completely. I have been singing The ABC Song while I wash my hands ever since. It works, but I find that I must sing The ABC Song aloud, viva voce as it were. If I only sing it silently, or mentally, it goes way too fast, and I can very nearly see the surviving bacteria and virus colonies on my hands when I have finished.

The only drawback that I have encountered arises out of the fact that I am frequenting public rest rooms so often. Even though I have done my best to sing The ABC Song ever so quietly, I have been caught twice by gentlemen walking up close to me in one of my blind spots. I will say this. They backed away very quickly. There is something about a 62-year-old man in a public lavatory who hasn't had a haircut in a couple of years singing The ABC Song aloud that troubles the other patrons.

I am going to carry on though, and I am going to encourage my grandchildren to carry on with it, too. It is a great device that works. I remain healthy as a hog.


Candy Minx said...


I am amazed when I update my first aid that proper hand washing really takes a long time.

Señor Steve said...

Twenty seconds is a long time, Candy. No getting around that. And one ought to do it often.

John said...

We sing that song with granddaughter Hope. She misses some of the letters, but is doing pretty good for an (almost) 2 1/2 yr. old.

wholtorff said...

Remember that ABC and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star are the same tune, so you have lyric options available.

Ruth said...

Hit the road, Jack is more fun.

Señor Steve said...

I missed all these additional comments earlier. There is a great deal of helpful information here.